Substance Abuse Assessments

Side angle of father talking to his son


or adolescents and young adults, a certain amount of experimentation with substances like tobacco, alcohol and other drugs is considered normative in our culture. Parents often struggle with “what’s normal teenager behavior” and “when does its use become problematic.”

Substance use disorders for adolescents and young adults fall along a continuum of severity. Determining where an individual is along that spectrum is important for two reasons. First, early identification and intervention can reduce the risk that a mild or moderate substance use will progress to addiction; second, it is critical that treatment approaches are matched with the type and severity of the substance use disorder.

Who benefits from a substance abuse assessment?

  • Teens and young adults who think “its normal” because their peers are doing it.
  • Parents who suspect their child may have a problem with substance use.
  • School administrators who have to make substance-related disciplinary decisions for at- risk students related to suspension, expulsion and readmission

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