Speech and Language Evaluations

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hen children struggle with communication it can be heart wrenching for family members and frustrating for the child. The Southfield Center offers a variety of speech and language evaluations to address the following communication concerns:.

    Speech and Language Delays

  • Speech Motor Coordination Difficulties
  • Voice Problems
  • Oral Facial Myology Deficits
  • Social Communication Difficulties
  • Language and Literacy Struggles
  • Developmental Delays

We recognize that when speech and/or language skills in children are delayed that other areas of their development may also be delayed. We offer comprehensive Multidisciplinary Evaluations that are conducted by an interdisciplinary team of specialists including a psychologist, speech language pathologist, and an occupational therapist. This evaluation will cover several inter-related and critical areas of a child’s development (cognitive ability, communication skills, educational ability, motor functioning, and sensory integration). Every evaluation provides a report that is straight-forward actionable, and delivered in a timely manner. Our goal is to give parents and schools a clear understanding of a child’s needs and a road map for success.

For a complete list of occupational therapy and sensory integration services provided by Sensory Kids, please visit their website at www.sensory-kids.com


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