Occupational and Listening Therapies

Boy exercising with instructor on gym ballThe Southfield Center partners with Sensory Kids, a private occupational therapy practice based in Stamford, Connecticut, to deliver multi-sensory therapeutic treatments for children.
Sensory Kids offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs designed to help kids achieve sensory integration. Realizing that each child is unique and requires individualized therapies, they customize treatment plans from a range of well-respected sensory-integrative techniques and the latest auditory program — the Integrated Listening Systems program (a Tomatis-based approach).Melissa Kahn, a skilled and experienced practitioner of sensory-integration therapies for children, founded Sensory Kids. Melissa and her staff of occupational therapists are dedicated to helping children improve self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem through the medium of play that involves a rich and purposefully directed range of sensory experiences.For more information, please visit the Sensory Kids website.

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