Ethan Rothstein, PhD

Ethan Rothstein, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist with a degree in Developmental-Clinical Psychology from the University of Maine.  He is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence based treatments.  He treats individuals with ADHD, depression, anxiety, disruptive behaviors, and adjustment disorders.  His goal in therapy is to reduce the impact that symptoms have on the individual’s life.  He has experience with individual, family, and group modalities of treatment.  He completes psychoeducational assessments in order to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses. He has served as the consulting psychologist for hospitals, schools, and the Department of Corrections.

 Dr. Rothstein received his Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  Following his graduate studies at the University of Maine, he completed his clinical internship in Pediatric Psychology at Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania.  At the Southfield Center, Ethan devotes his clinical expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood and family issues by drawing from his training in a variety of clinical modalities. In his free time, he likes running, cooking, and spending time in or on the water with his family.