Cindy Mahoney, MA

Cindy Mahoney is a certified Language Arts teacher, Executive Function Coach, and tutor with over 14 years of experience. She began her career in public school, teaching reading comprehension and writing to middle and high school students. For the past ten years, Cindy has taught students with learning differences in a private school setting. Working with students who may have challenges with NVLD, executive functioning skills, ADHD, dyslexia, or social emotional difficulties, Cindy works to target weaknesses, strengthen skills through teaching specific strategies, and builds both confidence and academic stamina. She received her Master of English in Education from Fairfield University and has a BA in English from the University of Connecticut. Cindy has had extensive training in how to address comprehension and writing challenges through the Windward School programs, and has taken part in a year long program on how to address a wide variety of learning differences.. Her passion is teaching reading comprehension and writing, and she has helped her students gain a better understanding of all subject areas, facilitating students’ abilities to express themselves in writing. She believes that every student learns differently, and that the key to success is acknowledging those differences and finding an effective way to address them. Cindy helps students to know themselves better and to understand their unique learning profile.

  • Master Teacher of 14 years (Classroom teacher, and one-on-one support)
  • Master’s Degree in Education (English)
  • Experienced Executive Function Coach
  • Individualized Support for students with ADD, ADHD, NVLD, and/or Learning Differences
  • Instruction for decoding, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and writing

The goal of instruction is always to create independent learners who have the tools to excel. Students need to feel comfortable with the process of learning, and they need to take the journey with the teacher to discover their strengths. Challenges are not roadblocks, but opportunities for change.

“To strive with difficulties, and to conquer them, is the highest human felicity.”

Samuel Johnson