Brennan Kelly, BA

Brennan Kelly is a tutor with a background in business and government. At the Southfield Center, he provides academic tutoring services in English language and literature, mathematics, history, social studies, economics, and standardized test preparation to students of all ages. Brennan spent over a decade in Washington, D.C. where he worked with leading economists on public policy issues at the Brookings Institution, co-authoring papers on tax policy. He later worked at two consulting firms, providing economic analysis and advisory services to both business and government. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College in Political Economy. He has a passion for learning and communicating complex ideas to children and adults.

  • Tutor to elementary through college-level students in a wide variety of subjects
  • Former economic consultant to industry and government
  • Passionate about learning and communicating ideas

Brennan creates a warm and supportive environment for students to define their personal goals and grow through self-reflection and structured feedback. Brennan helps students to gain confidence in their ability to plan, manage time, and complete assignments effectively. Ultimately, students develop their particular interests and passions in an environment that fosters independent inquiry, analytical skill development, and critical thinking.
Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease growing.” Anthony J. D’Angelo