Andrew Dole, MA

Andrew is an experienced teacher and learning coach who works with children and teenage students to develop and strengthen executive functions skills. He brings with him to the Southfield Center five years of classroom teaching experience at New Canaan Country School where he taught 7th, 8th, and 9th grade Latin. Andrew’s ability to connect with and relate to his students is highly regarded by fellow colleagues and his students’ parents. With his affable personality, Andrew strives to meet students at their personal level and to foster in them a love of learning. Andrew earned his Master’s degree in Classical Studies from Villanova University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies and Economics from the College of the Holy Cross.
Andrew has been working with children since his days as a junior camp counselor in Kingston, MA. He loves working with the energy and enthusiasm of young people, and he thrives on seeing his students grow to love and own their learning.

  • Executive Functions Coach
  • Math Specialist
  • Experienced Teacher
  • Wellness Enthusiast and Practitioner

The ultimate goal is to provide the framework for students to be able to manage their learning independently. Using current curriculum and assignments, we work together to develop systems and processes to help students develop stronger skills in organization, planning, and goal settings, as well as task initiation and progress monitoring. In so doing, we are able to make progress with the student’s curriculum and hone their executive functions.

Additionally, Andrew works as a Latin tutor, providing extra-curricular support and enrichment to students currently enrolled in a Latin program at school or who wish to learn Latin on their own. Andrew has a keen interest in health and wellness and is very interested in developing yoga and meditation practices for children.