Academic Update Evaluation

An Academic Update Evaluation can:

  • Measure the effectiveness of recommendations from a Psychoeducational Evaluation
  • Quantify academic progress in all or specific subjects
  • Define progress from treatment
  • Use data to make decisions for continued treatment, class selection or school selection for next year, and summer foundational work
  • Prioritize the next steps of remediation from the Psychoeducational Evaluation

From a Psychoeducational Evaluation done at The Southfield Center or elsewhere, families get much needed data-driven recommendations to make decisions for treatment, schools, remediation, and in-school / out-of- school support for their child.

An affordable Academic Update Evaluation offers families the ability to quantifiably “follow up” on the previous Psychoeducational Evaluation.

An Academic Update Evaluation re-administers some of the measuring instruments used on the Psychoeducational Evaluation to discover progress in one, more-than- one, or all academic, behavioral, or psychological areas of development.

The Process:

  • Call The Southfield Center to schedule an Intake that will explore your concerns
  • Deliver the previous Psychoeducational Evaluation to The Southfield Center
  • Work with the Psychologist to clearly identify the questions that you would like answered

For the sake of our students, it is critical to assess if schools and supports are proceeding in a meaningful way, or if different approaches may be best suited for a student’s needs.

We encourage families to consider an Academic Update Evaluation to help answer questions, guide continued support and interventions, and gain clarity in a student’s progress using measurable, quantifiable data.


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