Diagnostic Assessment Services

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Assessments are valuable in making decisions about your child’s educational and therapeutic needs. The Southfield Center offers comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as a range of other specialized assessments. There are many different reasons why parents may choose to have their child tested or that a school may recommend testing. An assessment is often the most expedient way to determine:

  • if a child is behind grade level
  • if there is a learning disability
  • optimal interventions and to prioritize treatments
  • what may be contributing to social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties
  • progress toward a goal

Southfield’s assessment team is led by Dr. Mary Ellen Page, who coordinates an interdisciplinary team of practitioners certified to select, administer, and interpret a variety of neuropsychological, psychological, educational, and developmental assessment instruments.

Moreover, every assessment results in a report that is clear, actionable, and delivered in a
timely manner. Our staff is also available to attend school meetings with you or to speak
with your school’s education team.
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